“Coaching unlocks your full potential. It brings you clarity and focus, elevating your natural strengths and confidence. The result: a boost in your leadership effectiveness.”

Helping You Thrive Amidst Change.

Everyone goes through transitions in life – starting a career, changing jobs, marriage commitments, death of a loved one, divorce, starting a new business or simply coping with daily life commitments. Being confronted with change often leaves people feeling stuck, confused and frustrated, making it difficult to see the positive opportunities that may lie ahead.

My Authentic Coaching process provides a forum to help you navigate challenging transitions, so you can identify the best path forward, feel in control of your own choices and make the most of a new start!

We’ll create a well-thought-out and “hit the ground running” action plan by exploring step-by-step:

  • Your strengths and future goals.
  • What inspires you and motivates you.
  • What may be holding you back.
  • Strategies you can implement right away.
  • How a coaching process can support you in achieving your goals.

From your first session, you’ll discover first-hand the dynamics of Authentic Leadership Coaching and how it can benefit you and your life’s goals and aspirations. I invite you to experience for yourself the eye-opening and often “aha” moments that come from leadership coaching.

A Powerful Partnership

We partner for bringing out the “best” you. I work with you to develop the skills you already have. I’ll help you develop your purpose, brainstorm with you and motivate you in your business and professional life. In addition, I’ll provide support and accountability to ensure that you’re following through on your action steps!

I’ll work with you to explore your opportunities, obtain clarity and set your focus on results. Authentic Coaching can help you take action:

  • Working towards a specific professional goal.
  • Transitioning your career — a new role, new industry or new company.
  • Improving your interpersonal and professional communication.
  • Developing your executive presence, leadership skills and enhance your strategic thinking.
  • Dealing effectively with conflict.
  • Managing your relationships for a more beneficial outcome.
  • Implementing behavioral changes for specific issues like time management or productivity.

On-going Support and Accountability

The coaching process gives you the opportunity to set aside time for self-assessment, focusing on values and intentions, identifying goals and zeroing in on action steps for forward movement.  With your coach, you drive the agenda; your coach works with you to recognize your opportunities and develop a do-able action plan with built in accountability. Through our coaching sessions, you

  • Discover what really drives you.
  • Learn how to go from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Move toward setting tangible, realistic goals for change.
  • Create your leadership path where you thrive and are fulfilled.
  • Learn problem solving techniques that produce results.
  • Find the opportunities that fit and meet your needs.

I am especially passionate about helping people realize their full potential wherever they are in life’s choices.